What is Homestay?Homestay includes friendly guidance from the Homestay Family to help the student or traveler to adjust to life in Canada. (Pictured: Home in Lonsdale, North Vancouver)

You stay in a Canadian home, you have your own room, you live as a member of the family sharing meals with your Homestay family and with access to laundry facilities, telephone, television and Internet (if available).

What is Homestay?


Homestay allows students and visitors to live in a Canadian home as a member of the family, sharing meals with their homestay family and learning first-hand how Canadians live.

  • Students that choose to stay in homestay might also be happy to discover that their English improves more quickly than students living on their own in apartments.
  • Homestay includes a private (or sharing) bedroom in a Canadian home, three meals (or two) per day and access to the laundry, telephone for local calls,  television and internet if available.
  • Most important of all, a homestay includes friendly guidance from the homestay family to help the student adjust to life in Canada.
  • The homestay family will be happy to share their knowledge with the student - anything from how to get downtown on the bus to discussing Canada’s culture and way of life.

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