Host Family ResponsibilitiesQuality Homestay takes pride in working with friendly and helpful Canadian Families, with open and caring personalities. (Pictured: Family in Lonsdale, North Vancouver)

Note: we always refer to students, because a fair amount of our clients are students, but the rules apply to students and travelers the same way.

Airport pick-up is not the responsibility of the host family, but there must be someone at home to greet the student upon his or her arrival.  The night before the student is scheduled to arrive, a representative of our airport pickup service will contact the family (if airport pickup has been requested by the student) to confirm the arrival schedule and the expected time to arrive at the homestay.

  • The family should allow the student to call home as soon as they have arrived.  Their family is expecting a call to let them know that they have arrived safely.
  • The family should help the student to purchase a bus pass and teach them how to go to school and return home via transit (without getting lost).  It is best to do this a day or two before the start of school.
  • The student’s bedroom should be attractive and clean, equipped with good lighting, a comfortable bed, dresser and mirror, closet, a decent sized desk or writing table, a sturdy chair, and a window.  Each room must also have a bedroom door; a curtain is not acceptable.  A couple of extra blankets for the cold season are suggested.  Students often complain to us that they are cold. Sharing a room with someone else is only allowed when the Homestay option is “sharing”
  • The family should consider putting a small fruit basket or other welcoming item in the room as well as pictures of the family members with everyone’s names so that the guest will recognize everyone more easily.
  • The family should provide healthy and balanced meals.  Everyone enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables.  The family should find out what foods the guest likes and dislikes.  There are microwaves in the school lunchrooms so the family can be creative with the lunches that they make.  Unfortunately the most frequent complaints from students are concerning food.  They complain that portions are too small and they are eating pasta too often.
  • The family should provide clean linen and towels, soap and toilet paper. Students are responsible for keeping their room clean and doing their own laundry.  At an appropriate time, the family should show them where the cleaning tools and cleansers are for their use.  If the family prefers to do the student’s laundry, the family should please advise them of the laundry schedule. The family should explain household routines and the expectations toward mealtimes, showering, and laundry etc.  Also, it is important to explain how to use the telephone answering machine and how to take messages.  It is recommended that the family writes out basic house rules.  Sometimes a student’s English level is very low and they cannot understand what the family is saying, so written instructions are very helpful.
  • The family should please provide a house key and show them how to lock-up.
  • The family should remember that everybody at home must always speak ENGLISH whenever the student is present.
  • The family should not have more than one (1) student at a time from the same country or 2 students who speak the same language (unless if it is  upon request) The family should not discuss homestay fees with students or ask them for money.  ALL HOMESTAY FEES are paid through Quality Homestay.  Any questions or concerns the family may have regarding the homestay payment must be directed to Quality Homestay. The family cannot impose extra charges to a student.  e.g. for laundry, gas allowance, electricity and heat, hot water, etc. 
  • The family cannot ask a student for a security deposit.  The family can for sure request a student to use a telephone debit card.  They can be readily purchased at a variety of stores, including most drug stores & 7-11 stores.
  • The family should advise Quality Homestay immediately if the student has told that he or she is leaving or wishes to stay longer.  If the family cannot accommodate the student beyond a certain date, the family should let Quality Homestay know so we can make other arrangements
  • If the family has any questions about payment and/or charges, please contact Quality Homestay at 604-689-1234.

** It is advisable to list and post household rules and meal times, the family  expectations regarding long distance calls, the laundry room, bathroom. computer use,  etc. **

Suggestions for a "Quality" Homestay Experience

Note: Suggestions that we always send to the families, as a reminder,  whenever we confirm a booking.

  • Share family moments such as going through your family album and ask if your guest has pictures that he/she would like to share with you.  Play games, cards or puzzles.Take your guest on a tour of the city.  Try having a picnic.
  • Maybe your guest would like to prepare a food dish from their home country.
  • Encourage guests to speak about themselves but be careful not to ask questions that are too personal.
  • Please note it is considered very rude to talk about money.  Some students will take great offense and will complain to the college staff.
  • Speak clearly and slowly.  You may want to break your sentences up to allow time for the person to digest what you are saying.  Some will have a hard time understanding your questions and will answer yes when they really mean no.
  • Do NOT speak of family problems or financial matters.  This is none of their concern and will make your guest feel very uncomfortable.
  • Be sure to share good times and show lots of affection as it is welcomed in all cultures.

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